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FCC filing by Google unveils images of new Glass version

Tech biggie Google’s recent filing with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has unveiled the images of the company’s next-generation version of its Glass headgear. The new version of the device is the ‘Google Glass Enterprise Edition.’

The images of the new Glass have surfaced... read more

New Horizon Captures Pluto On Video

The New Horizons team working at NASA has launched Pluto’s first official video this week. The New Horizons team utilized the LEISA infrared imaging spectrometer to shoot this video of the planet. Through this new technology, the team managed to provide validation over the existence of water ice... read more

Space debris poses big threat

Space junk created by humans’ space missions over the last six decades could cause significant damage on Earth as well as in space, Astronomer Stuart Grey of University College London warned.

The space race started with the launch of Russia’s tiny satellite Sputnik in 1957. It provoked... read more

$158 Million Settlement between Sprint and Verizon Offering Customers to Seek Refund by December 31st

Both Sprint and Verizon agreed to pay $158 million to the customers as a part of the federal settlement between the two companies. All those customers, who have been charged illegally over wireless phone bills have been requested to get their claims refunded by December 31st either through... read more

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Researchers in a new Smithsonian study have finally found an answer to how snails called slipper limpets change sex, and they said that physical contact plays a major role in this change.

According to researchers, several animals change their sex at some point of their lives or after... read more

NASA puts brakes on Insight Space Mission due to instrument glitch

NASA has announced a temporary halt for its Mars mission planned for March as the space agency team has discovered a technical glitch in the Insight spacecraft’s seismometer. The seismometer was developed by French space agency CNES. The leakage in the vacuum seal on the seismometer was... read more

Hoverboard Fails Can be Painful; Videos Showcase Many Falling Off Hoverboards

For some people, Santa came with pain and not fun this Christmas season. Many people have shared their videos falling off their hoverboards on the eve of Christmas season. Many people purchased hoverboards as the part of the Christmas present, but became the victim of their gift due to the... read more

Shoppers return to stores for another round of discounted shopping in ‘After Christmas Sales’

Stores are expecting heavy rush during ‘After Christmas Sales’ as shoppers will be in the stores again for another round of shopping for discounted products, returning items and to spend their gift cards. At times, sellers offer deep discounts on the items they weren’t able to sell during... read more

Samsung Welcomes Ultrathin, All-Metal Galaxy A9 with 4000 mAh Battery in China

During the Galaxy A Party 2016 event, Samsung announced its most high-end Smartphone in the Galaxy A lineup, Galaxy A9, with 4,000 mAh battery in China. The largest of the Galaxy A-series family of devices has now been announced by Samsung. From past few weeks, Samsung has been revealing the... read more

UW geologists create map of major landslides at Oso

A team of geologists from University of Washington (UW) has mapped the history of major landslides at Oso using radiocarbon dating, and determined that a massive nearby landslide occurred nearly 500 years ago and not 1,000 years ago as previously thought.

The geologists made an analysis... read more

Fedex could miss some deliveries on Christmas Eve due to high volume

FedEx has informed that its team is working hard to deliver gifts and other items to Americans on Christmas Eve but due to surge in volume of orders, it may not be possible to deliver all the orders scheduled for Christmas delivery. FedEx has also offered the option to customers to pick up their... read more

Patients with severe illnesses can now begin enrolling in New York State's Medical Marijuana Program

Patients suffering from severe illnesses can now start getting enrolled in the Medical Marijuana Program of the New York State. The aim is to have the treatment accessible early coming month, however, a number of patients have said that they have already hit a huge roadblock.

A multiple... read more


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