Illinois and four other Midwestern U.S. states all set to get big EV infrastructure boost

Five Midwestern US states are all set to get a big boost in terms of EV infrastructure as governors in Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin have announced big plans for EV charging-related cooperation. Governments across boundaries are trying hard to accelerate the pace of shift... read more

Proposed megafarm under fire from Northern Wisconsin residents

Northern Wisconsin is raising concerns about a proposed hog megafarm, which according to them will wash off the land and pollute Lake Superior with millions of gallons of pig manure.

An Iowa business, Reicks View Farms, of Lawler intends to produce thousands of pigs annually a few miles... read more

Shift work harms Employee’s Health: Study

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison has found that workers who work outside of a 9-to-5 schedule could be at risk of being overweight. According to the study, such workers usually experience sleep problems and... read more

Pepin County grabs Number 2 Spot in Health Rankings of Wisconsin’s 72 Counties

Rates of babies born at a healthy weight have increased and Pepin County has reached a number two position in health rankings of Wisconsin's 72 counties for having residents reaching a ripe old age.

The western Wisconsin county has seen a rapid rise in its rankings of the annual County... read more

Traffic deaths in Wisconsin hit new low in 2014

According to the latest statistics released by the Wisconsin State Department of Transportation (WisDOT) on Friday, the number of traffic deaths in the state hit a new low in 2014. For the entire year, Wisconsin - for the first time since 1943 - recorded less than 500 traffic deaths.

... read more

Wisconsin Teen Gets Surprising Christmas Present from Her Father

Fox 6 Now reported that a Wisconsin teen who is suffering from a life-threatening condition got a surprising Christmas present from her father.

Audra Daniloff, 17, was pulled over by a police officer who presented her with two tickets on November 21. The police officer said that she had a... read more

Wisconsin Woman fighting Bankruptcy after being sent to Wrong Hospital

A cardiac arrest that sent Megan Rothbauer of Wisconsin to hospital surprised her, but so did her hospital bills, which were more than $250,000. According to reports, after Megan Rothbauer's heart stopped beating, paramedics admitted her to wrong hospital.

Now, the woman is fighting... read more

Department of Natural Resources to close Wolf Hunting Zone 2

The Department of Natural Resources has announced that hunters are nearing the harvest quota in wolf zone 2 in northeastern Wisconsin. According to the department, the zone is going to close on Saturday noon.

The wolf season which had begun on Wednesday will close zone 2 for any further... read more