Researchers find four genes that are linked to longevity

Researchers have found four genes that are associated with longevity. The chances of whether you live up to 100 years or more don’t entirely depend on your eating habits or healthy lifestyle. A latest study has suggested that the secret of living long lies in your genes.

Stanford... read more

War-related stress disorders could haunt veterans years after return from battlefront

In a development that would definitely pose a challenge to health professionals who were upbeat on having conquered the condition, a study involving soldiers has shown an increase in the number of post-traumatic stress disorder cases. And this has come five years after the cases had dropped down... read more

New Latex-Free Condom Can Kill HIV Virus

A team of researchers from Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy at the Texas A&M Health Science Center has recently designed a ‘super condom’ that not only has anti-HIV properties, but it can also increase sexual pleasure.

The super condom has been developed utilizing the grant given... read more

Environment And Lifestyle Influence Cancer

Several types of cancer are affected by our environment and lifestyle, revealed a new study in the journal Nature. The authors stated that external reasons, including coming in contact with toxins and radiations, can play a significant role in causing cancer. This is in contradiction to a recent... read more

US Health Regulators Investigating Complaints about Theranos’ Laboratory and Research Practices

US health regulators are carrying out investigation into the complaints filed against laboratory and research practices at Theranos Inc. The complaints were filed by the former employees of the blood-testing startup company.

The first complaint was filed in September by a former Theranos... read more

Inhibitory Brain Chemical linked to Autism Risk: Harvard Research

An inhibitory neurotransmitter that regulates excitation and inhibition could play an important role in ascertaining autism risk, according to Harvard and MIT researchers. The study published in the journal Current Biology was led by Caroline Robertson, a junior fellow of the Harvard Society of... read more

Researchers Find Insomnia Pill can help fast Recovery from Stroke

According to a team of researchers, Zolpidem, also known by the trade name Ambien, has been popularly used to treat insomnia. But recently, researchers noted that the drug can prove very effective in helping person to recover from stroke.

Zolpidem is a new class of sleeping pills that are... read more

FDA issues proposed rules to prevent use of indoor tanning beds

The US Food and Drug Administration has announced two proposed rules today aimed at reducing skin cancer rate. The first proposed rule is to restrict the use of sunlamp products (indoor tanning beds) among minors. It will also be required that adult users above 18 years sign a risk... read more

Moustachioed individuals significantly outnumber women as leaders of medical departments in US

A study published in the British Medical Journal’s special Christmas issue, which is packed with quirky studies, has discovered that mustaches still outnumber women in medical power positions. The study has a serious topic: ‘Sexism in science and medicine’.

Such mustaches are quite rare,... read more

FDA approves new indication for LifeVest wearable cardioverter defibrillator

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has passed a latest indication for the LifeVest wearable cardioverter defibrillator. The device has received approval for particular children, vulnerable to sudden cardiac arrest, but are not implantable defibrillator candidates because of some medical... read more

Coffee Reduces Death Risk, says study

Fox News reported that people who consume coffee have a lower probability to die in comparison to those who don’t consume this beverage, according to a 10-year study in the U.S. The reduction in the risk of death has been attributed to various biologically active ingredients present in coffee... read more

Federal Officials Do Not Think Iowa Is Ready For Transition to Medicaid Program

The federal officials on Thursday said they don’t think Iowa is completely ready for transition of $5 billion Medicaid program to managed care on January 1. They said that the shift delayed to March 1 will be the suitable option.

According to a letter to Iowa Medicaid Director Mikki Stier... read more


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