Ebola Virus does not pose any major threat in the US: Federal Authorities

Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has caused immense fear among people across the globe. Recently, a Liberian man visited Dallas and fell sick. But Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital did not find anything serious and sent him back home.

After two days, he returned to the hospital and... read more

Industrial pollution responsible for Detroit’s rising asthma rates

Polluters are responsible for the agony and sufferings of many Detroit kids who have to live a compromised quality of life due to various respiratory issues like asthma.

A visit to area hospitals can easily prove that Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other conditions among... read more

Lawrence Threshold Choir to sing for the dying

A group of women in Lawrence are practicing some new songs that they would sing softly at the bedsides of those near death to distract their attention from pain and anxiety.

Anne Haehl, a member of Lawrence's new Threshold Choir, said they would go to a hospice setting, hospitals or... read more

Healthy Living Expo attracts hundreds of seniors

Sterling Height's recently organized annual Healthy Living Expo allowed hundreds of seniors of all ages to enjoy a massage and get heath advice for free, among many other activities.

Nearly 600 seniors visited the Sterling Heights Senior Activity Center to participate in Healthy Living... read more

Natives Attack Red Cross Team while Burying Ebola Virus Victims

One of the biggest hurdles being faced by volunteers to control West Africa's Ebola virus outbreak is resentment of native people. It has come into notice that a Red Cross team was attacked while they were collecting dead bodies believed to be infected with Ebola in southeastern Guinea.

... read more

Healthy Life Style can reduce Risk of Heart Attack by 80% among Men

According to a new study carried out by medical experts at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, men can reduce their risk of heart attack by 80% by adopting a healthy life style. There are five easy steps that men can take to reduce the risk of heart attack: quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption... read more

Cancer Patients’ Nicotine dependency has little impact of E-Cigarettes’ Use

A latest peer-reviewed journal has revealed that cancer patients, who smoke e-cigarettes along with traditional cigarettes, are more likely to be nicotine dependent and are less likely to quit smoking traditional cigarettes when compared to the non-users.

The study raises lot of questions... read more

Orange County Witnesses Significant Rise in West Nile Virus cases

According to the California West Nile Virus website, the health department has recorded 311 human cases of the virus in California this year, with 73 new cases as of September 16.

The West Nile virus is at an all time high in California's mosquitoes due to which the concern rises over... read more

Rates of vaccine exemption among California kids jump over 100% in 7 years

The proportion of California parents who opt to not vaccinate their kindergarten-age children has grown by more than one hundred per cent over the past seven years, according to a statewide survey conducted by the Los Angeles Times.

Citing figures released by the California Department of... read more

Teen sleep deprivation is a public health concern, says AAP

In a policy statement released Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that sleep deprivation among teens is a public health concern that is widespread.

To deal with the problem, the organization clamored for a change in time slots by 30 minutes in middle and high schools, so as... read more

Whooping cough may be heading for another peak in California

California's public health officials have urged people, particularly pregnant women and infants, to get immediately vaccinated against the growing risk of whooping cough or pertussis, which is likely heading for another peak this year.

The California Department of Public Health warned... read more

Additional health provisions in California budget plan

California's budget plan for the fiscal 2014-15 includes a number of provisions that aims to boost health care services and strengthen public health in the state.

The $156.4-billion budget plan, which is nearly $1.2 billion more than the one proposed by Governor Jerry Brown, sets aside $... read more


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