UW geologists create map of major landslides at Oso

A team of geologists from University of Washington (UW) has mapped the history of major landslides at Oso using radiocarbon dating, and determined that a massive nearby landslide occurred nearly 500 years ago and not 1,000 years ago as previously thought.

The geologists made an analysis... read more

Worrisome Reduction Seen in Population of Darwin’s Finches

A team of researchers through a recent study has found that population of finches that are found on the Galapagos Islands, which got famous due to Charles Darwin’s research on the theory of evolution, are facing a huge fall in their population.

According to the study published on December... read more

DNA analysis reveals that your mites are incredibly loyal to you

Our eyebrows are shaggy ecosystems, habitat to a number of microscopic hair mites. But according to a DNA analysis, our mites are very loyal to us that could be helpful for scientists in tracing ancient human migrations and possibly could find new ways of treating general skin ailments.

A... read more

Black Bear Hunting: Annual Cull in New Jersey to continue this Week

Last week wasn’t good enough for bear population in New Jersey as hunting season started amid protests by animal rights activists. Official figures show that the state’s 18% bear population has been killed by hunters this season.

Like last year, hundreds of bears have been killed this... read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks it is high time that an immediate action should be taken to tackle growing threats of climate change and motivate others to act.

In a letter posted on his Facebook page on Monday, Arnold told his followers that he doesn’t care if... read more

‘Grandfather Turtle’ Unearthed, a 20-centimetre Triassic Period Reptile

The origin and evolution of turtles stands revealed as the scientists claim to have unearthed the oldest-known turtle, called the ‘grandfather turtle’. The fossil of the 20-centimetre long, Triassic Period reptile has been unearthed in a quarry in southern Germany.

The reptile is... read more

Kangaroos and other Marsupials Generally Favour their Left Limbs over their Right, finds Study

In a rather interesting study, published on Thursday in the journal Current Biology, researchers from the St. Petersburg State University have concluded that marsupials usually favor using their left limbs to right ones.

Extending beyond human beings, handedness now exits even in primates... read more

Norwegian Scientists discover Polar Bears Feasting on Dolphins

In a study conducted in Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic, researchers have brought to the fore an interesting fact. They have witnessed polar bears feasting merrily on dolphins, for the first time ever.

The research that was published this month in the latest edition of Polar Research,... read more

Mysterious Disease kills Rare Saiga Antelopes in Kazakhstan

Tens of thousands of Saiga antelopes in central Kazakhstan have succumbed to a mysterious and fast-moving disease in recent days. Scientists have been left puzzled by the catastrophic event, which has so far caused the demise of more than 120,000 of the endangered animal in the region in the... read more

No Need to Include Great Barrier Reef in World Heritage Danger List yet: UN Draft Report

A United Nations draft report has called for not including the Great Barrier Reef in a World Heritage danger list. However, it supported commitments required for Australia to ensure protection of the reef, including restoring water quality and restricting new port developments.

The World... read more

Mary Lee, a Basking Shark becomes a Twitter Celebrity

The latest Twitter sensation this time is a Shark!

@MaryLeeShark handle, a fake twitter handle of a very real white Basking shark has almost 57,000 followers till date, as the researchers have been tracking her moving up and down the eastern seaboard.

The great Mary Lee, weighing 3... read more

Tracing Evolution in Birds from Beaks

Successfully linking the evolution of birds from dinosaur by replicating the molecular processes that led from dinosaur snouts to the first bird beaks, the scientists have created Dino-chickens in the lab.

The aim of the research was to determine how the rostrum changed in different... read more


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