Trump is offering ‘sick message’: Biden says

U. S. Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday used an event organized to honor Hispanic tradition to criticize Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his "sick message" or remarks about Mexican immigrants.

Hosting a function honoring Hispanic Heritage Month at his residence at the... read more

California donors give more to Clinton than all other presidential candidates combined

California donors have made generous donations to numerous presidential candidates but Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton received more than all other presidential hopefuls combined.

According to recently released fundraising reports, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former... read more

Obama grants monument status to Northern California range

U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday granted national monument status to a stretch of gold & green coastal range in California that is home to otters, bears, eagles and a multitude of other wildlife.

In a ceremony in Washington, Mr. Obama established the 331,000-acre Berryessa Snow... read more

Clinton condemns San Francisco’s ‘sanctuary’ policy

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has joined the growing list of high-profile personalities who have openly condemned San Francisco City's "sanctuary" policy.

In a recent interview, Clinton criticized San Francisco's law enforcement officials, saying they were wrong to... read more

Nobody else has guts to fix problem of illegal immigration: Trump

Donald Trump, a business tycoon and presidential candidate for the Republican Party, has claimed that nobody other than him has the guts to secure the United States' border and prevent illegal immigration from countries like immigration.

Trump stressed on an urgent need to secure the U.S... read more

U.S. must secure its borders immediately: Donald Trump

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has recently faced severe criticism for his controversial comments about Mexicans, has stressed on the need to tighten the country's borders in wake of killing of an American woman by an undocumented Mexican immigrant.

Kathryn Steinle, 32, was... read more

Ted Cruz and other Republican Candidates to Return Funding Received from CCC

In a report that came out this Sunday, the election funding of a number of Republican candidates has come from a white supremacist group, which claims to be the mouthpiece against black-on-white violent crime.

As soon as this news surfaced, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was the first to announce... read more

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry visits Granite State

After a disastrous run for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, Rick Perry tried to cast himself as a patriotic comeback by visiting New Hampshire for the first time after announcing his candidature for the upcoming presidential race.

Addressing a gathering at Nashua Community... read more

Bill Clinton Comes Out in Defence of his ‘Non-Partisan’ Foundation

The former American president, Bill Clinton, on Thursday, came out in defence of his namesake foundation, after it came under the scanner for its fundraising practices and acceptance of donations from foreign governments. This move is being seen as an attempt to mellow the criticism that has... read more

House Speaker Dennis Hastert

It has come to notice that former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has paid money to not reveal claims that he has sexually molested someone many years back. A person familiar with the allegations shared the same with The Associated Press on Friday.

The person spoke on a condition of keeping... read more

Mitt Romney in boxing match for Charity

Charity gets Mitt Romney gearing up for the brawl, as the Republican presidential nominee faced five-time heavyweight boxing champion to raise a sum of $1 million for ‘Charity Vision’.

The fight was held at Friday night in Salt Lake City and went up to two rounds. The Thursday night was... read more

Presidential Candidates have different Opinions on Abortion

Leaders in the United States have different opinions on abortion. Three presidential candidates, Hilary Clinton, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee, have recently addressed the issue in different way.

Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is running for president in... read more