Proposal to Raise Sales Tax to pay for Fixing Michigan’s Roads and Bridges Rejected

A proposal was made to increase Michigan's sales tax to pay for the repairing of the state's roads and bridges. On Tuesday, the state's voters rejected the proposal.

The proposal was 80% opposed and was 20% in favor. Surveys were carried out before the final vote was conducted and it also... read more

Ted Cruz travels to Las Vegas to woo Republican Jewish donors

Ted Cruz launched his presidential campaign last month and is all set to travel to Las Vegas to speak to the Republican Jewish donors that he is the most electable, pro-Israel Republican in a crowd of candidates making the exact same pitch.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, South Carolina... read more

Hillary seen with de Blasio

On Wednesday, Clinton and Chirlane McCray were seen together in Brooklyn. Both of them will be frequently seeing each other now. Hillary Clinton and Chirlane McCray seemed to praise each other as they were seen accepting each other's words through their gestures.

According to McCray, the... read more

Oil pipeline industry continues to grow despite bottlenecks for Keystone XL pipeline

The pipeline industry is still going strong in the United States with many key projects running as per schedule. The Keystone XL pipeline project has hit political hurdle and many local communities have also opposed the project. A report published by the Associated Press has indicated that there... read more

Progressive & liberal mind-set standing in way of nation’s recovery: Jeb Bush

Progressive and liberal mind-set is hindering the nation’s way of recovery, particularly for low-income Americans, Jeb Bush said while delivering a speech at the Detroit Economic Club on Wednesday.

Mr. Bush, who is expected to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, was... read more

2016 Battlefield: Jeb Bush gets Boost from Romney’s Exit

On Friday, Mitt Romney announced that he will not run for the president of the US for third time. The news has opened the path to 2016 field for many next generation Republican leaders. Romney said that the young leaders will serve the party in a better way.

According to the spokesperson... read more

Jeb Bush recruits David Kochel, Former adviser to Mitt Romney

Jeb Bush, who served as Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007, has hired former adviser to Mitt Romney who is also a top Iowa Republican operative. According to reports, the adviser, David Kochel, has been recruited to work on Bush's political operation as the second son of former President... read more

Alaskans Criticize New proposal to protect 12 Million Acres of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

On Sunday, President Obama surprised the governor and made Alaska's congressional delegation angry with a proposal to ban energy exploration on 12 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to be designated as wilderness and this proves that Alaska does not matter to Washington, some... read more

Senate Democrats block Keystone XL bill

Senate Democrats blocked the bill favored by Republican leaders in the Senate for setup of Keystone XL oil pipeline between the United States and Canada. 39 out of 59 total votes were polled against the motion.

As sixty votes were required to move the motion forward, the Democrats have... read more

Republicans want Romney to run for President: CBS poll

A new CBS poll has informed that Republicans want Mitt Romney to jump into the 2016 presidential bid. Romney got 59% support from Republicans nationwide, whereas 50% supported former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Last week, Romney showed interest in a second presidential bid, whereas Bush... read more

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder vetoes gun legislation

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Thursday vetoed the gun legislation that was approved by the state's Legislature and supported by the National Rifle Association.

Mr. Snyder had been under pressure from both sides on the two-bill package over recent days, including letters of opposition from... read more

Kamala Harris to Announce her Intention to Run for California's Open Senate Seat

On Tuesday, California Attorney General Kamala Harris will disclose her intention to run for California's open Senate seat.

It is expected that Harris will run for the seat that is presently occupied by Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer. Last week, Boxer made announcement about her... read more