California will likely see ‘embarrassingly’ low election turnout

While election officials are all set to conduct primary election in California on Tuesday, experts have predicted that turnout could be 'embarrassingly' low.

Joe Canciamilla, registrar of voters on the Contra Costa County, said that there was lack of interest among voters, which could... read more

None of two Republican candidates suitable against Governor Brown

None of two Republican candidates, Neel Kashkari and Tim Donnelly, stands much of a chance to win against California's incumbent Governor Jerry Brown, who is running for a fourth consecutive term.

Prior to his ongoing third term, Mr. Brown served the state as governor twice in the 1970s... read more

Jerry Brown will easily surpass top two Republican challengers: survey

Jerry Brown, California's incumbent governor, will easily take a lead over his top two Republican challengers in Tuesday's gubernatorial primary, a fresh poll has suggested.

According to the poll released on Sunday, 50 per cent of likely voters will cast ballots for the Mr. Brown in the... read more

Ohio lawmakers clear bill that represents pushback on green energy

Ohio lawmakers on Wednesday passed a bill that would freeze the phasing-in of electricity/power that utilities must purchase from renewable energy sources.

The Ohio House of Representatives cleared the bill by 54-38 votes. It is now expected to be signed into law by Governor John R.... read more